8 ideas to increase restaurant revenues

8 ideas to increase restaurant revenues

If we want to increase our restaurant’s revenues we have to consider several factors. The first one is to achieve a good reputation online and offline, we offer something to make things move forward such as a good menu or wine quality, good service, clean premises, good relationship between quality and price, etc..

If a restaurant works to meet all these requirements, your reputation will improve and gain prestige among customers who securely recommend it to friends and family, and they will share in digital environments.

But today you need more…

Today, in this complex market is hospitality, in many cases it is not enough with good service, good price and quality of food. The great offer in the sector and the growing competition in the same, makes restaurants must look for other ways to gain consumer confidence and in many cases it is preferable aporyarse in new technologies to get the leverage needed to increase revenues and differentiate yourself from the competition.

1. Be an active presence on social networks

The fastest and most effective way to advertise a restaurant to a mass audience, it uses social networks. More than 3.400 million people have access to the Internet today, of which more than 2.000 million have an account on at least one social network. Therefore, these constitute a direct and optimal communication channel, which allows us to reach a large part of the population costs hardly.

Here are some ways to promote the company by creating networks undergo after the announcement of menu items or specials, upload photos of some work or call special events. In this journal you will find many elements that will help you to start your strategy.

2. It includes a home delivery service to your restaurant.

Another tactic to increase a restaurant’s income is to implement a food delivery service. This way, the customer can enjoy the dishes on the menu without leaving the house, allowing the company to receive food orders regardless of the capacity of the room.

We can collaborate with some of the new food delivery companies that have emerged in recent years in the network, since through a commission responsible for receiving the food request by the customer, pick up the order at the restaurant and deliver it for dinner at home.

3. Sends regular e-mails to your customers

This is a good choice for advertising our restaurant and attracting the attention of potential consumers. It also offers us the possibility to send e-mails with news, prices, menus or special events.

If we have a database with information about our regular customers, we can send special offers such as discounts on their birthday dinner or dessert gift on your birthday, a good loyalty tool.

4. Create special offers in the valley of days or shifts

To increase billing change day or week where as a rule we know the boxes will be smaller, we can choose to make special offers such as “Crazy Tuesday Telepizza”. These are days when, in principle, will not have much activity and those who have a special offer will attract customers who otherwise would not go to dinner or lunch during the week, improve the collection.

5. Promote your restaurant through bloggers the influencers

Another advantage offered by the network is to promote us through bloggers the influencers with whom we can contact to offer them the opportunity to try some of our dishes or promotions to make a post about it on their blogs or mentions in the networks. We can also invite the restaurant to write your message from there.

The public that has this kind of personalities in our restaurant will be promoted in a massive way and through a very influential channel among its thousands of followers.. 6. Ask your customers to tag you

6. Ask your customers to tag you

With our presence in the networks, in addition to creating promotional content, we can also get we called our customers in their publications when they came to enjoy our restaurant, thanks to geolocation, and express their opinion on the food and service. There is information that may affect other users who choose our restaurant for a next visit.

7. Launching contests on social networks

Another option is to hold contests or draws among our regular customers on the Internet. For example, overcoming dinners between users sharing a post on Facebook. Recently, we presented 10 Idea Contests for 10 Social Network Restaurants. In this article, you count with various ideas and tips for your inspiration.

8. Loyalty rewards your customers

To reward the loyalty of regulars can choose to deliver loyalty cards in which for each certain number of lunches or dinners will get one free.

get “added value” in the promotion of your restaurant

As you can see, accounts with many options to attract new customers to your restaurant and improve your end of the month billing with the use of Internet and technology, always a strategy behind.

Test your restaurant all the advice we give to this position, and tell your experience. If for some of the ideas you followed all the steps to perfection, you should not find any problems reaching more customers in your business, or income at the end of each month.

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