Bars And Restaurants: 6 Good Ideas To Attract More Customers

Bars And Restaurants: 6 Good Ideas To Attract More Customers

Winter is fast approaching and it is not always easy to attract new customers to his restaurant bar. Sometimes all it takes is a few fittings and techniques to attract a new clientele. This article summarizes these indispensable tips for any restaurant bar manager.

Equipping yourself to warm up your clientele

Winter will soon be here and the temperatures are dropping steadily. To attract even more customers, making your restaurant a friendly and heated place is a good investment. Installing an electric heated parasol on your terrace will allow your customers to enjoy the outdoors. Sip a cocktail or share a dish in a warm place is always a pleasure.

Loyalty, it’s good for your business

It is often said that a satisfied customer tells 10 other customers. Word of mouth still works very well. Therefore, reward loyal customers. This is a winning strategy to attract even more customers to your bar. This can be done by setting up a loyalty card or gift tickets. Another way to make customers want to come back and bring friends back is to take care of your service. It may be time to consider staff training.

Happy hours for the great pleasure of the taste buds

Setting up happy hours allows you to attract new customers by applying attractive prices for a fixed period of time. This method is particularly suitable for the end of the day when your customers meet for an aperitif. Setting up regular happy hours will help your customers to remember you when they look for a restaurant.

Communicate through your newsletter

In order to keep customers coming back, it is important to keep in constant contact with them by announcing the latest news and menus of the moment. Set up a real campaign to gather contacts. Give them the opportunity to rate your establishment and share your events and menus.

Think about social networks

In the digital age, the web and social networks have greatly revolutionized the way businesses communicate. Bars and restaurants are no exception to the rule. Creating your calendar of events and broadcasting it on social media allows you to reach a wider clientele through social media. The choice of social media is also a determining factor: Facebook is the most popular social network so far.

Present a seasonally adapted card

To be in the era of the season, it is necessary to highlight the dishes most consumed by your clientele and those that will attract your new customers. In winter, the restaurant will put forward hot dishes while in summer it will privilege fresh dishes and drinks. Displaying its menu outside the restaurant allows it to be visible to passers-by. It is also recommended to distribute its menu on social media.

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